Post Periodontal Treatment Maintenance

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Typically, our patients have a history of treated periodontal disease and need regular and thorough dental cleanings to prevent further disease progression. Our hygienists are trained to maintain these difficult areas where bone and gum loss has occurred. Insufficient cleaning underneath the gum tissues can invite bacteria growth, gum re-infection, and periodontal disease progression.

Our team establishes a relationship with our patients and maintain regular communication to prevent this from happening. In the first year following periodontal disease treatment, we schedule maintenance visits for our patients once every three months, during which we perform a periodontal cleaning, check previous problem areas, and advise the patient on the best home care for their oral health. Our dental specialists also perform a thorough oral cancer screening on every visit.

Post treatment periodontal cleanings with the hygienist are essential in maintaining healthy gum tissue and preventing further gum tissue and bone loss. These visits are often alternating between our office and your general dentist’s hygienist.


  • Regular periodontal cleanings from our highly trained dental specialists.
  • Thorough examination of tooth roots, gums, and bone.
  • Home care instructions to treat periodontal disease.

How Our Practice Helps

  • Comfort Care

    We treat every patient who walks through our door with the respect they deserve and provide a warm a welcoming environment for their consultation to determine the best periodontal treatment for their health and wellness.

  • Our Doctors

    Our periodontists have the same training and same vision in providing the highest standard of care and expertise for people suffering from gum disease issues to improve their oral health.

  • Expected Results

    We are consistently referred to and sought out for our exceptional perio care, having decades of proven patient results in successfully treating tooth and gum disease issues.