Periodontal Plastic Procedures

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Some individuals may not have sufficient gum tissue around their teeth or receding gums, perhaps caused by brushing too hard. This can wear away the gums, expose the roots, and result in sensitive teeth vulnerable to decay. In this case, we perform a gum graft to augment those zones to increase the gum tissue already naturally attached.

Receding gums is a gradual and common dental condition, affecting 4% to 12% of adults.


  • Thorough examination of the receding gum tissue.
  • Use of the patient's own gum tissue from a different location or use of human donor tissue to attach to the area of recession.
  • Home care instructions during the healing process and to prevent gum infection.

How Our Practice Helps

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    We treat every patient who walks through our door with the respect they deserve and provide a warm a welcoming environment for their consultation to determine the best periodontal treatment for their health and wellness.

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    Our periodontists have the same training and same vision in providing the highest standard of care and expertise for people suffering from gum disease issues to improve their oral health.

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    We are consistently referred to and sought out for our exceptional perio care, having decades of proven patient results in successfully treating tooth and gum disease issues.