Oral Cancer Screening

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Our dental specialists perform complete oral cancer screenings for every patient at every appointment. Most often, oral cancer does not present with symptoms at all, therefore it is important to get regularly checked. A periodontist will examine inside and around a patient’s mouth, including the lips, to identify lesions or other abnormalities. If identified, we perform a biopsy of the affected area and coordinate with a trusted lab for accurate and prompt results as we keep you informed in real-time and discuss next steps in consulting an oral cancer specialist.

According to the American Cancer Society, the average age at diagnosis for oral cancer is 62, and two-thirds of individuals with this disease are over age 55.


  • Thorough visual examination with photographs inside and around the mouth and lips for oral lesions.
  • Identify lesions and perform a soft tissue biopsy.
  • Securely send a sample to a trusted lab for examination and diagnosis.
  • If the diagnosis is positive, refer the patient to a recommended outside specialist.

How Our Practice Helps

  • Comfort Care

    We treat every patient who walks through our door with the respect they deserve and provide a warm a welcoming environment for their consultation to determine the best periodontal treatment for their health and wellness.

  • Our Doctors

    Our periodontists have the same training and same vision in providing the highest standard of care and expertise for people suffering from gum disease issues to improve their oral health.

  • Expected Results

    We are consistently referred to and sought out for our exceptional perio care, having decades of proven patient results in successfully treating tooth and gum disease issues.