Extraction & Bone Graft of Failing Teeth

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Your dentist may determine that your tooth is fractured or failing, advising an implant as the best solution and referring you to see a periodontist for that procedure. In preparation for an implant, our dental specialists will thoroughly examine the specified area for the implant and, working with your dentist, determine if your jawbone has sufficient dimension and density needed to place the implant. If so, our periodontists can extract the tooth and use various bone graft materials to preserve and augment the jawbone, giving it enough time to grow new bone.

If a tooth is extracted without bone grafting the extraction socket, the width of the bone ridge will decrease up to 50% in the first year and most will resorb in the first three months.


  • Thorough examination of affected tooth, gum, and bone area.
  • Minimally invasive tooth extraction to preserve delicate bone.
  • Bone grafting to build up the jawbone and gum tissue.
  • Patient check-ups as extraction site heals.

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