Diagnosis & Treatment of Periodontal Disease

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There are four types of periodontal disease according to their severity, the first and more mild of the four being gingivitis, all of which can stem from poor oral hygiene and bacteria in dental plaque. Symptoms may include swollen gums and bleeding gums or other tooth and gum discomfort. If not addressed early, this bacteria can spread and burrow, destroying gum and bone tissue and causing loose or lost teeth. It is important to ask your dentist or dental hygienist for a periodontal exam at your next appointment. If they detect periodontal disease, that’s where our periodontists come in. We have the experience and expertise to perform a thorough examination and perform the most appropriate procedure to treat periodontal disease, which can be a dental deep cleaning, LANAP laser gum disease treatment or other surgical methods.

64.7 million American adults, have mild, moderate or severe periodontitis.


  • Deep cleaning below the gum tissue around the teeth.
  • Surgery to arrest or reverse bone loss under laser (LANAP procedure).
  • Gum tissue grafting.
  • Bone grafting around teeth or narrow ridges.
  • Adjustment of the bite to take teeth out of a traumatic situation.
  • Release of an abnormal frenum or tissue attachments between teeth or under the tongue (tongue tie).
  • Home care instructions to help prevent future tissue problems.

How Our Practice Helps

  • Comfort Care

    We treat every patient who walks through our door with the respect they deserve and provide a warm a welcoming environment for their consultation to determine the best periodontal treatment for their health and wellness.

  • Our Doctors

    Our periodontists have the same training and same vision in providing the highest standard of care and expertise for people suffering from gum disease issues to improve their oral health.

  • Expected Results

    We are consistently referred to and sought out for our exceptional perio care, having decades of proven patient results in successfully treating tooth and gum disease issues.