Dental Implant Placement

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Our mission is to first do everything we can to save teeth rather than replace them with dental implants. However, certain levels of decay and the effects of periodontal disease may weaken a tooth to a point where extraction and a dental implant procedure is the healthiest option. We specialize in this, and work closely with your dentist to develop a treatment plan and determine the best restoration. On your preference, our periodontists can perform the tooth extraction. The entire process begins with a proper examination and X-ray of the affected area – or, if needed, a 3D scan – to determine the dimensions and location of vital structures in the jawbone that can affect the placement of an implant. After tooth extraction, we perform a dental bone graft to preserve the bone, allowing three months for the area to heal. Once healed, we accurately place the dental implant. After another three months for the implant to heal and stabilize in the bone, we test it. If it is stable, your restoring dentist can take an impression and have the crown made. Along with scheduled post-operative visits with the patient, we make sure they know we’re available to answer questions or address any concerns at any time.

Although dental implants are not real teeth and cannot get cavities, they must be regularly checked for effects of gum disease.


  • Close coordination with the patient's dentist to develop a treatment plan and determine the best restoration.
  • X-ray examination.
  • Tooth extraction, either by the periodontist or dentist based on patient preference.
  • As necessary, a dental bone graft and gum graft of the socket to build up the jawbone and gum tissue.
  • Patient check-ups as extraction site heals.
  • Accurate implant placement.
  • Secure the screw or cement-retained crown on to implant by the restoring dentist.
  • Post-operative check-ups with patient.
  • Home care instructions to help prevent gum tissue infection around implant.

How Our Practice Helps

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    We treat every patient who walks through our door with the respect they deserve and provide a warm a welcoming environment for their consultation to determine the best periodontal treatment for their health and wellness.

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    Our periodontists have the same training and same vision in providing the highest standard of care and expertise for people suffering from gum disease issues to improve their oral health.

  • Expected Results

    We are consistently referred to and sought out for our exceptional perio care, having decades of proven patient results in successfully treating tooth and gum disease issues.