Canine Exposure

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With certain children, their top and bottom canine teeth may develop in the wrong position and not break through the gums, resulting in an impacted canine covered by gum tissue and perhaps a thin layer of bone. If not treated, the impacted tooth may realign other teeth or damage the roots of adjacent teeth. This may be especially apparent as the child is examined for braces by their orthodontist as the teeth need to be exposed for the arch for braces. We step in to uncover and expose the canine to allow it to break through. We can also bond the brackets for the orthodontist to pull down and bring into the arch. Throughout all of this, we maintain the gum tissue of the patient.

Canine teeth usually develop in children aged 9 to 13.


  • Thorough examination of impacted tooth and region.
  • Close coordination with the patient's orthodontist to develop a treatment plan.
  • Precise removal of gum tissue and or bone layer.
  • Bonding of the brackets for arch.
  • Maintenance of the gum tissue.

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