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The day I met Dr. Lopes was the luckiest day of my life. For years I suffered with mouth and gum pain. No doctor or dentist ever helped me. I always left their office with more symptoms and pain and no closer to finding out what was going on in my mouth. I heard good things about a Dr. Peck so I called to get an appointment with him. I was told it would be weeks before I could see him but that they had a Dr. Lopes that could see me right away. In the first 5 minutes with Dr. Lopes i knew the universe had sent me to her. The second she looked in my mouth she told me I had oral erosive lichen planus. The same day she took biopsies to confirm it. She was right. Dr. Lopes told me the standard treatment was topical steroids. I have high blood sugar and told her I didn't want to use steroids because of the side effects. Instead of telling me "well then I can't help you" Dr. Lopes proved to me what a wonderful, dedicated doctor she is by coming up with a treatment plan that is safe for my whole well being. Dr. Lopes thinks outside the box and is up on all the latest treatments, so as a safe alternative to steroid use she is treating my lichen planus with lasers. It's an on going process but already I am getting much needed pain relief and healing with NO SIDE EFFECTS. Dr. Lopes has given me the hope of getting back a good quality of life and not giving up on me no matter what it takes. Dr. Lopes is truly the best you can ask for. The whole staff is wonderful at what they do. You are in good hands from the time you step in the door until you are ready to leave.

I am terrified of dentists because I have had multiple issues with my teeth and gums for many years. I was referred to Peridox by my family dentist and was very apprehensive at that first appointment.
The initial exam, specifically the gum measurements, was uncomfortable but Dr. Lopes was very patient and as gentle as possible. She explained the results of the exam, offered me treatment options, and answered all my questions.
I expected pain at my initial treatment appointment because it involved extractions. I was happily wrong. Dr. Lopes effectively anesthetized the area, made sure I had more anesthesia when needed, and completed the extractions in much less time than I was expecting. She made sure I understood what was needed for recovery and follow up.
I have returned for 2 follow up appointments so far and no tears! That's a first. She has earned my trust.
The front office staff are friendly, accommodating, and just nice people. They are the first folks you meet and they are a great example of how this office runs.
I am still terrified but maybe a little bit less. I am going to benefit from their care and I am very grateful. I am not sure I would have been able to continue I with another provider.

Roses are red, violets are blue
If you have gum concerns, don't lose hope
Just go see Dr. Jennifer Lopes

This place is amazing ! I am so happy that I got another opinion about my teeth. After being told I needed all my teeth removed due to severe periodontal disease I was so upset and scared. I found Dr. Lopes and let me tell you she has changed my life. The front office staff is very informational kind and caring and they do a great job of scheduling your appointments. Dr. Lopes is amazing and very caring and kind as well she takes the time to listen to your concerns and she gives you the best options for your situation. She did not make me feel bad and she did not criticize me at all. She was understanding and honest. I had the LANAP Laser procedure done on all my teeth and the results are amazing . This procedure was painless and she made me very comfortable. She has changed my life and after only a couple weeks I see an amazing improvement in my gums with hardly any pain . Also her assistant Concetta was amazing as well as being I have a terrible gag reflux or so I thought she was so kind and gentle and understanding as well. I highly recommend if you have Periodontal disease this is the place to go! This group of professional deserve more than 5 stars !!! THANK YOU !
I want to say thank you to everyone in this office for being so professional and personable and taking the time to care for me and make the whole experience better one .

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