Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves...

By: Dr. Jennifer Lopes

07 Sep
Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves…

Welcome to Peridox Periodontics! We are a Periodontics practice in Utica, NY made up of two Periodontists – myself and Dr. Jeffrey Peck. I came to central New York after living in Philadelphia, PA for 15 years (go Eagles!) and have since begun to develop a great relationship with the community who has been so welcoming and kind. Therefore, despite the piles of snow and freakishly long winter, I’ve come to enjoy living here. Since dental school, I have always wished for a way to conversationally discuss important topics that come up time after time from my patients. When Dr. Peck and I decided to create a website to showcase our practice, we decided a blog would be a great way to address questions and concerns in an informal way!

For my first entry however, I’d like to take a minute and explain a little about how the process of coming to our office works. Many patients are apprehensive when they first walk in and it’s totally understandable – periodontal disease is a foreign phrase to many people and most people have no idea what I even do when I say I’m a Periodontist. Periodontitis (per-ee-oh-don-tai-tis) is a disease of the gums and supporting bone of teeth which cause loss of those structures and eventual loss of teeth. In its early stages and often even in its late stages there are no painful symptoms whatsoever – and because of this, many patients go undiagnosed for years before they make it to our office.

Rest assured that when you come see either one of us, you are in good hands. We do a thorough examination on every patient, take x-rays as needed and when we are done, we provide a detailed, understandable explanation of the disease process and options to treat it. We even work closely with your general dentist so we all stay on the same page. We understand that going to the dentist can be a scary thing. That’s why when you come here we try to make you as comfortable as possible and will answer any questions you may have in a safe and warm environment.  

I will add posts on this blog from time to time on popular questions we receive and relevant news that may come out. When you come see us, YOU are the decision maker in the final game plan so we want to make you as informed as possible. You are a part of the team and along with our hygienists and staff, we can help you have a stable and healthy mouth for years to come! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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